The Simplest Way To Collect Money

Collect Faster

Real time combined messaging and payment for your school, church or club. Collect funds simply and easily from your members.

Remind Painlessly

Never send a reminder message again. Karri automatically reminds your members to pay.

Pay Simply

Members can make fast and convenient real time payments direct from their phone, and receive a friendly receipt when they are done.

Reconcile Ef‌fortlessly

Watch your payments come through automatically on your Karri dashboard. Paid via EFT or cash? No problem, just mark your member paid on an always updated list.

Diarise Instantly

As soon as you've paid for an event, Karri asks if you'd like to add it to your smart phone's calendar, meaning you will never miss an event again.

Envelopes Of Cash and Cheques
Are A Thing Of The Past

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PCI DSS Compliance PASA

Karri is built for communities.
From day one, we’ve built Karri to help you collect whilst keeping your information private and secure at all times.
Karri is fully compliant with PCI DSS payment security standards and POPI.

You're in good company:

Hundreds of organisations collect easily and securely using Karri.

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Here's why people love us!

Awesome and very convenient to use. I never have cash on me and this has been a lifesaver!

- Alicia

This has saved so much hassle paying for school events with cash! Very impressed with the app, so easy to use and I think it’s amazing.

- Robyn

Takes the headache out of small school payments. But the plus.. it adds the date of the event to the diary. Win!

- Amber

Karri is very user friendly. Parents can download the app on their smartphones and the collection process is managed by the school admin via the Karri Dashboard. We are proud to champion the Karri app and look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.

- Karen

Quick, safe and efficient. Absolutely love it. So easy to remember events, track your payment history and manage your savings for the many school events.

- Terona

Super convenient app! Easy to install and user friendly. The reminder notifications for upcoming events is so helpful. Never forget to pay for an event on time!

- Anthea

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