What is Karri?

Karri is a mobile payment application that allows schools to easily collect payments for school events from parents. This application will eliminate cash transactions within a school environment and aims to help teachers focus their valuable time on educating rather than collecting cash for events.

Some of the Schools using Karri

Rhenish primary School
Cape Town

Westerford High School
Cape Town

Grey College

The Grove Primary School
Cape Town

United Herzlia Schools
Cape Town

Bryneven Primary School

Hoerskool Diamantveld

Bishop Bavin School (College)

What can Karri do for your school?


Reduce Event Admin Hassle

Stop reconciling loose change from hundreds of envelopes with paper class lists


Reduce Theft Risk

Stop placing the school at risk dealing with large sums of cash on the school premisis


Save Teaching Time

Let teachers do what they do best, not following up on event collections


One Class List

Cut down on reconciliation time with a shared clas list tracking payments

How it Works

The Karri dashboard allows creation and collection of events by multiple teachers

How to get started


Create School profile

Contact us to get your school profile setup


We verify your school profile

We verify your school details


Load student data

Use our 24hr tech support to get your data loading


Start creating events and collecting money

Create upcoming school events and start collecting money

Here’s what our customers have to say.

Trish T.
The Grove Primary School

The system could not be more straight forward to use, and the benefits are enormous! In particular, the reduction in admin time from the teacher's point of view has been one of biggest advantages; this benefit extends to our finance office, whose admin and banking preparation time is drastically reduced.

Karen W.
Westerford High School

Karri is very user friendly. Parents can download the app on their smartphones and the collection process is managed by the school admin via the Karri Dashboard. We are proud to champion the Karri app and look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.

Angelique C.
Seafarer's Wife Blog.

I have just downloaded the app, paid for 3 upcoming events and also topped up the account for my son so that I can easily pay for other events that occur during the year. I DID ALL OF THIS IN 5 MINUTES!!! AND AS A BONUS... THEY LINK THE EVENT TO YOUR CALENDAR ON YOUR PHONE!!!

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