What is Karri?

Karri is a mobile payment app that allows you to make quick payments for school events. Instead of sending children to school with envelopes of cash for civvies days and class outings, you’re able to make fast payments of exact amounts straight to your school.

How it Works

Receive a notification of an upcoming school event.

View the event details and hit “Pay Now”.

Success! It’s as simple as that.

How to get started


Receive Code

You will receive your child’s unique code via SMS and email


Quick Download

Download the Karri app from the iStore or Google Play Store and enter the unique code to get started


Top Up

Add credit to your Karri account by card or EFT payment


Make Payments

Begin making quick payments to your school

Some of the Schools using Karri

Rhenish primary School
Cape Town

Westerford High School
Cape Town

Grey College

The Grove Primary School
Cape Town

United Herzlia Schools
Cape Town

Bryneven Primary School

Hoerskool Diamantveld

Bishop Bavin School (College)

Get Our App

Know of a school that isn’t using Karri? Let us know.

support@karri.co.za | 021 300 1867